God’s Not Dead: Official Trailer

Hey everyone! Happy Sunday! As my first official post I thought I’d start with thoughts about a movie I recently saw with my little Bible study group. It’s a new movie called God’s Not Dead (I’ve attached a trailer for it) and it basically summed up everything I believe in. The entire movie was just a roller coaster of emotion and it just kind of hits you all at once. It’s filmed in a way so that you get four or five different plot lines and you don’t get to see how they are all related until the end, but when you do, it’s sooooo good! It truly shows how God has the perfect timing for absolutely everything. You may not think that you’re where you’re supposed to be, but God has you exactly where He wants you. One of the biggest examples of this was when ***spoiler!*** Professor Radisson was hit by a car and dying. Reverend Dave just happened (oh look at that, God’s timing…) to be at the same exact spot and was able to convert him to Jesus. Professor Radisson argued that Jesus did not exist because he was just hit and was now dying and a true God wouldn’t put him through that, but Reverend Dave said something that just really made me think: if there wasn’t a God, you would have died on the spot, but because Jesus loves you, he is giving you one last opportunity to repent to him, all sins forgiven. This just blew me away. How true is that? How AMAZING is that? God has a specific plan for each of us, and even if you think that you’ve stepped off of his path for you, He’s still got you exactly where He wants you! And if you’re doubting it, you should go watch this movie as a reminder, because it is great.



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