Latest Obsession: Rascal Flatts

So lately, I’ve been on kind of a Rascal Flatts obsession spree.  I really can’t listen to anything else anymore, and it’s getting kind of crazy.  A lot of my favorite songs by them are just so heart wrenching and sad and they just make me want to cry!  This weather has been so beautiful lately that I shouldn’t want to just curl up inside and listen to Rascal Flatts, but I do!  Maybe I should just put of their upbeat and happy songs on a playlist and go for a run.  Maybe that would make me productive?  Until I get to that point, though, someone should volunteer to go to one of their concerts with me this summer, because I actually had tickets to their show by my house last year and had to sell them because of classes starting up.  But I guess I wouldn’t have had the appreciation I have for them now, so it’s for the better I guess.  Seriously though, if you haven’t ever listened to them before, I’d get on that pronto!



11 Facts About Me!

1)      I don’t like chocolate

2)      I realllllllllly wish I had more time to run because it makes me happy

3)      I have a really big extended family.  My dad is one of the youngest of ten so I have a ton of cousins on his side.  I only have nine cousins on my mom’s side but I’m so much closer to them.

4)      I’m a campus representative for this awesome company called Serengetee

5)      I can tell you the name of any Taylor Swift song within the first  1.5 seconds that it’s playing

6)      Last time I counted, I think I’ve been to 14 or 15 concerts . . . the majority of them within this past year

7)      Yes, I have ridden an elephant.

8)      I skipped the 8th grade, so I’m the third youngest in my current graduating class at my college

9)      I used to want to be Instagram famous, but then I lol’d at myself for a while and threw that dream away.

10)   When I die I want the people that I love to wear brightly colored Hawaiian shirts to my funeral because I want them to be happy that I finally get to meet Jesus  🙂

11) I got my wisdom teeth out yesterday . . . So much pain!!


Learning and Growing: Who Helped Along the Way

One of my biggest beliefs is that absolutely everything happens for a reason; I believe that every person you meet and every decision you make is the one that God always wanted for you.  Because of this, I often contemplate why certain people cross my path.  One person in particular raised this thought in my mind more often than others did.  He came into my life and touched it in a way that no one had ever been able to do before, and he changed my perspective on relationships completely.  To put it bluntly, he treated me like no woman ever deserves to be treated.  He may have opened doors for me and told me that I was “gorgeous” more often than I needed to hear, but I wasn’t the only girl he treated like this.  Instead of committing to any one of the seven or so of us, he just cycled through the list making us wait turns to have the wonderful pleasure of hanging out with him.  Reality started to hit home when he told me that I was making the biggest mistake of my life the night I was officially becoming a member of the Catholic Church (which was um, one of the best decisions ever, actually.)  I started to realize that I deserve to be treated like an absolute princess.  I deserve to be someone’s one and only, I’m worth a commitment; any guy not willing to commit to a relationship with me was suddenly not worth my time.  So I made my first real decision in whatever the “relationship” was.  I told him I was done and moving on.  Writing that now just sounds so easy and simple, but it was actually really difficult.  The process of moving on, deleting the number, blocking on Facebook, and subtweeting battles were wayyyy harder than I ever thought they would be, but looking back exactly one year later (April 14th marks the “day that I was done” anniversary) I couldn’t be happier at where it took me.

Throughout the entire “getting over him and moving on” process I really couldn’t see why God was making me go through all of the pain that this guy had caused me, why did He let me fall for him as hard as I did and not give me some indication that it was a bad idea?  Now, however, I see why all of it had to happen.  All of the stress, worry, tears, and drama.  And guess what?  Every single bit of it is worth what I now know.   God put me through that entire roller coaster of emotions so that I would know what to look for in the next guy that came along.  In fact, shortly after this I made a list of qualities that any guy had to have for me to even consider dating him, and that’s gotten me so much farther than I ever thought it would!  But I’ll blog about that later.  One of the most important lessons I learned from this (you know, other than the fact that I deserve to be treated like an actual person) is that God really does have a plan for me and my life.  He’ll help me and guide me to where I’m needed, and He will make me the happiest I’ve ever been if I just trust in Him.  And you know what?  That’s a lesson that I really needed to know, because what could ever be better than God’s love?

I guess that I really used to hate this poor guy, but now I’m just a mix of feeling sorry for him and being thankful for him all at the same time.  I used to say that I didn’t know what I would do without him, but now that I’m without him and can appreciate it, I don’t know how I would ever deal with living with him in my life again!  Hope that little story helps you know that God loves you and has such a beautiful plan for your life too!  Happy Monday everyone!


Pinterest Inspiration!

Like I mentioned yesterday, I typically have a lot of thinking time at work. I usually do homework or talk to the lovely people I work with (because they’re just the sweetest!) but today I did something different! While scrolling through my Pinterest (aka my absolute addiction) I stumbled across a pin about saving money. I recently made a new board for building that dream house of mine and I realized that it’ll require more than just a few extra pennies.  So I started reading about the pin that promised to save me money, because I mean, who wouldn’t be curious? Anyways, Turns out that I could save $2,535 a year just by putting away a different amount of money every five weeks.  Like $5 every week for five weeks, and then $10 every week for 5 weeks, and then $15, etc. Right now, that doesn’t sound like it would be very hard at all, so I’ve decided that I’m going to try it.  I’ve also decided to count up all my spare change and deposit it into my savings account, because it will gain more interest there than it would just sitting in a jar in my room.  To help this build up too, I’m going to try to start paying with even dollars (if that makes sense? I already try not to use a debit/credit card) so that if my total is $17.01 I pay with $18 and put the other $0.99 into my savings later.  I don’t know, these are just some ideas I found today, because Pinterest is basically full of thousands of them.  I know that I probably wouldn’t do this if I didn’t write about it somewhere, so I chose to do it here in the hopes that someone else may want to try it too!

Have a great Wednesday!


P.S. My Pinterest Page, if you’re interested 🙂


Current Job, Realistic Job, Dream Job…

So I’ve just been having some crazy what do I want to do for a job this summer moments so I’ve been applying and quitting quite a few different jobs pretty regularly lately, but currently I work in the Art Department here on campus! On a typical day I just sit on the couch in the lobby and do homework, but today I got to do something really fun! As soon as I came into work I was sent to the photography studio/classroom and was able to do some work in the darkroom! It wasn’t anything big, I just painted a chemical mixture on watercolor paper to prep for a project the department is working on with local kids but it was so cool! I got to put gloves and an apron on and work with everything! It really reminds me about what I want to do later in life, like what I really want to do. Right now I’m studying Exercise Science to go into Physical Therapy and am minoring in Sports Studies. I really want to work with athletes someday because I ran throughout high school and absolutely fell in love with it but I also love photography. I’ve always said that my absolute dream job would be to build a big red barn in the middle of a country field somewhere with a little house nearby.  I’d live in the house but transform the inside of the barn to be my personal photography studio! I’d set up different sets and backdrops in different rooms and depending on what I’m shooting on a certain day I could change rooms! When it would be nice out I could use the country hills and red barn as a beautiful background for perfect scenery and I would just be so happy! But to get the money to do that I’m gonna have to work on that Physical Therapy profession, where hopefully I’ll meet my own Mr. Prince Charming….

Just sharing some dreams, because everyone deserves to have them!


Lent Letters

“Dear ________,

This year for Lent I’ve decided that instead of giving up something like food or apps on my phone, I’ve decided to give up my time. I’m writing 40 letters to 40 different people who have influenced my life in a positive way, and you’re one of them! I just wanted to say thank you for…..”

This is how each one typically starts, an explanation as to why they received a random letter from me in their mail that day.  Some people I’ve sent them to have been completely overjoyed, contacting me back and thanking me for making their day.  Others, however, ignore my note and never get back to me.  Writing letters to tell people how much they mean to you and how much you appreciate everything that they’ve done for you is actually way stranger than I thought it would be.  When I have to hand deliver a letter to someone who had smiled at me on campus and made my day, it’s actually kind of awkward if you’ve never really talked to them.  But for some reason, this is my favorite thing that I’ve ever done for lent.  You would think it would be pretty easy because it can take as little as five minutes a day (I usually take about 30 minutes most days though) but it’s actually not!  I really don’t have that many close friends who I feel comfortable writing my feelings to, so finding a new person to write to everyday is actually pretty challenging.  Surprisingly, every single letter I’ve written has been different.  Not only differently written, but a different message.  Before writing a letter, I typically pray and ask God to tell me who to write to that day, and pray that He speaks through me to tell whoever I’m writing to what they need to hear from Him.  I think that this part has been extremely beneficial for me.  Not only have a prayed more, but I feel like I’m putting more of an effort towards listening to God.  Writing these letters has also helped me appreciate each person in my life.  I’ve never realized that so many people have done so much for me, and I typically don’t tell them that I am truly thankful for them.  Today is day 31, so I was really excited that I only had 9 more letters to write, but it turns out I actually have 14 because I’m writing on Sundays too! I’m so excited to see how God continues to use me to do His will!



Hello everyone! Today has been a fantastic day for me!  As I mentioned before, I now live in Kentucky.  Besides basketball (duhhh) the one thing Kentucky is known for is horses, and you can’t live in Kentucky without going to a horse race, so today I attended my first! I went to Keeneland’s College Scholarship Day, and it was so much fun! Even though it was a little wet and windy, we still had a blast! Besides country-ish style, pretty Vineyard Vines stuff is right up my alley, and everyone there was just dressed so classy! We got to meet a few new people and I made new friends, and new friends are always good!  We didn’t really watch the races or bet on horses, but the entire park atmosphere made it such a great experience and I completely recommend that everyone try to spend at least one day at the races if you’re ever in the Bluegrass State!


P.S. Aren’t my friends just gorgeous?


A Walk In The Park!

So about this thing called college.  You. Walk. Everywhere.  Rain, wind, snow, ice, any kind of weather there is.  Sure, they promise you that the campus shuttle will wait on you hand and foot and take you everywhere your little heart desires, but I promise you it doesn’t.  My point?  You really get sick of walking!  The crazy thing is I went to the park to walk today (This is after I already went to run there for a workout this morning, aka two big accomplishments in one day).  So basically, a big deal.  But I mean, after the weather Kentucky has gotten this winter, who wouldn’t want to be outside when it’s 80 degrees!!  Anyways, my friend Aliya and I decided that it would be a great idea to walk this little trail through the woods.  Long story short, because we just like to walk and talk and take pictures of the pretty plants and sky and sun and basically everything that reminds us of summer because we’re two college girls, we got lost.  However, we did get lots of cool pictures.  And we eventually made it back.  Which is always good.  Moral of the story is, walks are fun, warm weather is wonderful, and getting lost can sometimes just be an adventure in disguise! 🙂


P.S. –  Those really cute shirts? I’ll post on those later 😉

Oh, and P.S.S (??) I’m not really sure how to work this whole “blogging” thing yet so I may be hitting random buttons and liking and following and unfollowing people and I really have no idea what I’m doing!  So sorry! lol


Walk in the park! Wearing our Serengetees!