A Walk In The Park!

So about this thing called college.  You. Walk. Everywhere.  Rain, wind, snow, ice, any kind of weather there is.  Sure, they promise you that the campus shuttle will wait on you hand and foot and take you everywhere your little heart desires, but I promise you it doesn’t.  My point?  You really get sick of walking!  The crazy thing is I went to the park to walk today (This is after I already went to run there for a workout this morning, aka two big accomplishments in one day).  So basically, a big deal.  But I mean, after the weather Kentucky has gotten this winter, who wouldn’t want to be outside when it’s 80 degrees!!  Anyways, my friend Aliya and I decided that it would be a great idea to walk this little trail through the woods.  Long story short, because we just like to walk and talk and take pictures of the pretty plants and sky and sun and basically everything that reminds us of summer because we’re two college girls, we got lost.  However, we did get lots of cool pictures.  And we eventually made it back.  Which is always good.  Moral of the story is, walks are fun, warm weather is wonderful, and getting lost can sometimes just be an adventure in disguise! 🙂


P.S. –  Those really cute shirts? I’ll post on those later 😉

Oh, and P.S.S (??) I’m not really sure how to work this whole “blogging” thing yet so I may be hitting random buttons and liking and following and unfollowing people and I really have no idea what I’m doing!  So sorry! lol


Walk in the park! Wearing our Serengetees!


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