Lent Letters

“Dear ________,

This year for Lent I’ve decided that instead of giving up something like food or apps on my phone, I’ve decided to give up my time. I’m writing 40 letters to 40 different people who have influenced my life in a positive way, and you’re one of them! I just wanted to say thank you for…..”

This is how each one typically starts, an explanation as to why they received a random letter from me in their mail that day.  Some people I’ve sent them to have been completely overjoyed, contacting me back and thanking me for making their day.  Others, however, ignore my note and never get back to me.  Writing letters to tell people how much they mean to you and how much you appreciate everything that they’ve done for you is actually way stranger than I thought it would be.  When I have to hand deliver a letter to someone who had smiled at me on campus and made my day, it’s actually kind of awkward if you’ve never really talked to them.  But for some reason, this is my favorite thing that I’ve ever done for lent.  You would think it would be pretty easy because it can take as little as five minutes a day (I usually take about 30 minutes most days though) but it’s actually not!  I really don’t have that many close friends who I feel comfortable writing my feelings to, so finding a new person to write to everyday is actually pretty challenging.  Surprisingly, every single letter I’ve written has been different.  Not only differently written, but a different message.  Before writing a letter, I typically pray and ask God to tell me who to write to that day, and pray that He speaks through me to tell whoever I’m writing to what they need to hear from Him.  I think that this part has been extremely beneficial for me.  Not only have a prayed more, but I feel like I’m putting more of an effort towards listening to God.  Writing these letters has also helped me appreciate each person in my life.  I’ve never realized that so many people have done so much for me, and I typically don’t tell them that I am truly thankful for them.  Today is day 31, so I was really excited that I only had 9 more letters to write, but it turns out I actually have 14 because I’m writing on Sundays too! I’m so excited to see how God continues to use me to do His will!



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