Current Job, Realistic Job, Dream Job…

So I’ve just been having some crazy what do I want to do for a job this summer moments so I’ve been applying and quitting quite a few different jobs pretty regularly lately, but currently I work in the Art Department here on campus! On a typical day I just sit on the couch in the lobby and do homework, but today I got to do something really fun! As soon as I came into work I was sent to the photography studio/classroom and was able to do some work in the darkroom! It wasn’t anything big, I just painted a chemical mixture on watercolor paper to prep for a project the department is working on with local kids but it was so cool! I got to put gloves and an apron on and work with everything! It really reminds me about what I want to do later in life, like what I really want to do. Right now I’m studying Exercise Science to go into Physical Therapy and am minoring in Sports Studies. I really want to work with athletes someday because I ran throughout high school and absolutely fell in love with it but I also love photography. I’ve always said that my absolute dream job would be to build a big red barn in the middle of a country field somewhere with a little house nearby.  I’d live in the house but transform the inside of the barn to be my personal photography studio! I’d set up different sets and backdrops in different rooms and depending on what I’m shooting on a certain day I could change rooms! When it would be nice out I could use the country hills and red barn as a beautiful background for perfect scenery and I would just be so happy! But to get the money to do that I’m gonna have to work on that Physical Therapy profession, where hopefully I’ll meet my own Mr. Prince Charming….

Just sharing some dreams, because everyone deserves to have them!



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