Pinterest Inspiration!

Like I mentioned yesterday, I typically have a lot of thinking time at work. I usually do homework or talk to the lovely people I work with (because they’re just the sweetest!) but today I did something different! While scrolling through my Pinterest (aka my absolute addiction) I stumbled across a pin about saving money. I recently made a new board for building that dream house of mine and I realized that it’ll require more than just a few extra pennies.  So I started reading about the pin that promised to save me money, because I mean, who wouldn’t be curious? Anyways, Turns out that I could save $2,535 a year just by putting away a different amount of money every five weeks.  Like $5 every week for five weeks, and then $10 every week for 5 weeks, and then $15, etc. Right now, that doesn’t sound like it would be very hard at all, so I’ve decided that I’m going to try it.  I’ve also decided to count up all my spare change and deposit it into my savings account, because it will gain more interest there than it would just sitting in a jar in my room.  To help this build up too, I’m going to try to start paying with even dollars (if that makes sense? I already try not to use a debit/credit card) so that if my total is $17.01 I pay with $18 and put the other $0.99 into my savings later.  I don’t know, these are just some ideas I found today, because Pinterest is basically full of thousands of them.  I know that I probably wouldn’t do this if I didn’t write about it somewhere, so I chose to do it here in the hopes that someone else may want to try it too!

Have a great Wednesday!


P.S. My Pinterest Page, if you’re interested 🙂



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