11 Facts About Me!

1)      I don’t like chocolate

2)      I realllllllllly wish I had more time to run because it makes me happy

3)      I have a really big extended family.  My dad is one of the youngest of ten so I have a ton of cousins on his side.  I only have nine cousins on my mom’s side but I’m so much closer to them.

4)      I’m a campus representative for this awesome company called Serengetee

5)      I can tell you the name of any Taylor Swift song within the first  1.5 seconds that it’s playing

6)      Last time I counted, I think I’ve been to 14 or 15 concerts . . . the majority of them within this past year

7)      Yes, I have ridden an elephant.

8)      I skipped the 8th grade, so I’m the third youngest in my current graduating class at my college

9)      I used to want to be Instagram famous, but then I lol’d at myself for a while and threw that dream away.

10)   When I die I want the people that I love to wear brightly colored Hawaiian shirts to my funeral because I want them to be happy that I finally get to meet Jesus  🙂

11) I got my wisdom teeth out yesterday . . . So much pain!!



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