Latest Obsession: Rascal Flatts

So lately, I’ve been on kind of a Rascal Flatts obsession spree.  I really can’t listen to anything else anymore, and it’s getting kind of crazy.  A lot of my favorite songs by them are just so heart wrenching and sad and they just make me want to cry!  This weather has been so beautiful lately that I shouldn’t want to just curl up inside and listen to Rascal Flatts, but I do!  Maybe I should just put of their upbeat and happy songs on a playlist and go for a run.  Maybe that would make me productive?  Until I get to that point, though, someone should volunteer to go to one of their concerts with me this summer, because I actually had tickets to their show by my house last year and had to sell them because of classes starting up.  But I guess I wouldn’t have had the appreciation I have for them now, so it’s for the better I guess.  Seriously though, if you haven’t ever listened to them before, I’d get on that pronto!



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