Long Time No See!

Hello everyone! I feel like it’s been so long since I’ve posted anything! So many crazy things have been happening and it’s been getting harder and harder to find time to write about anything, but I decided that I was going to make time today….so here I am!  Since my last post a few things have happened….

1) Single. This happened a little less than a month ago and even though I went through the typical breakup symptoms (anger, confusion, stopping by his house unannounced wait, did I really do that??, the Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/Number blocking and stalking) I’m over it and don’t know why I would even want to be in a relationship right now anyways! I really want to only date to marry and I couldn’t imagine crossing paths with my future husband at this point in my life so right now I’m just trying to embrace being me.  God blesses people with periods of being single so that they can use them to find out who they are as a person and what they need when looking for someone else to spend their life with.  Even though I feel as if I know myself and what I want out of life, I thought I knew myself yesterday but somehow always learn something new.  If I don’t know myself completely yet, how is someone else going to get to know the real me at the same time? I know, I don’t know how to answer it either!

2.) Wisdom Teeth!  This happened the morning after item number one happened.  Wisdom teeth are crazy.  I don’t drink or do drugs or any of that crazy stuff so whatever they put me under to get my teeth out hit me hard.  I don’t really remember much of that day other than crying because the friends that I was Facetiming were laughing at me and crying again because I couldn’t feel my mouth so I dumped a glass of water in my lap instead of in my stomach.  But other than that, it’s all pretty fuzzy.  Oh yeah.  Lots of snapchat conversations happened and I don’t really remember them….but I was told I was pretty funny!

3) End of freshman year.  It was crazy. It was stressful. It was quite the experience.  But most of all, it helped me make memories that I will never forget.  From knocking on absolutely everyone’s door to find a can opener the first week of the semester to switching roommates after Christmas break to late night talks about running into Mr. Perfect at a hospital while painting a little girl’s nails for volunteer hours, I have some great memories that I will cherish forever.  I’ll post more about my freshman year in general later, but overall it was fantastic and I wouldn’t have wanted it to happen in any other way!

4) Photography! I don’t know if I’ve written about this before, but besides going into physical therapy after I graduate I really want to go into photography.  I’ve taken a few family photos and have been asked to do some weddings (but of course I said no, that’s such a scary responsibility!) but two weeks ago I took my brother and sister’s senior pictures because they’re graduating this year! I’ll post some shots from their session later because I’m super proud of them……I even went to pick up an 8X10 from Walgreens today and the lady helping me asked me to sign a release form because she thought I was picking them up for a professional/printing them without permission….isn’t that crazy?? Imagine the smile that put on my face!

5) Work!  A few months ago I got a job at an amusement park near my house but after thinking about it I decided I didn’t really want to work there this summer, so I quit (well I didn’t really “quit” if I didn’t actually have my first day, right?)  I ended up getting a job at a sporting goods store that is going to open here in a few weeks, so I get to not only work there, but also help set up the store before it opens.  It’s actually pretty great because I can leave my house to get to work with the same amount of time that I leave from my dorm room to walk across campus to my morning class.  So that’s nice.  These past few days have been the first time we’ve all been in there and it’s so neat! We all build shelves and set up displays and completely transform something that looks like an abandoned hardware store to an actual, nice looking sporting goods store.  I really like it and think I’ll like it even more when we open for business!  I enjoy my co-workers and think we’ll all get along pretty well, and I’m just so excited to be able to get to know them over the next couple of months!

I forgot how much I liked this. I should probably start at it more often again 😉

That’s all, lovelies!



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