Wrapping Up Rep Season: Serengetee

As you may or may not know, this past spring semester I was a campus rep for this awesome company called Serengetee! Serengetee makes these pocket shirts from fabric around the world and a portion of the money from each shirt goes back to an organization from that part of the globe! Not only do they have such cute products, but they help a great cause!! I can’t even begin to describe how much fun being a rep was so instead I’ll just let you find out! Applications for being a summer rep are on their website now (http://serengetee.com) and applying is superrrrrr easy! When you’re a rep you get awesome discounts for life, free gear, and a great new group of friends! If you do apply, write my name in the “previous rep who referred you” box so that we oth get awesome stuff! Just so you guys know how much fun being a rep was, these are some of the pictures we took when I did my rep project a few weeks ago. S/O to my wonderful friends for helping me out with modeling! 






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