DIY Decoupage Laptop Cover!

As most of you probably know, I’m really into photography and hope to open my own business one day. Because of this, I recently got a new MacBook Pro so that I could better edit my pictures! For as long as I can remember, I’ve been personalizing and scrapbooking just about everything I own (phone case, binders for school, inside of my lockers/dorm room/bedroom, etc.) so it’s no surprise that I wanted my Mac to be just as personalized too!Image


  • Magazines (two or three)
  • Scissors
  • Glue (I really like using Elmer’s Rubber Cement)
  • Clear cover (I got mine in a bundle deal on Amazon)
  • Your favorite color of construction paper (I used two pieces for my 13inch)

Instead of just buying something monogramed online, I wanted to make something truly unique to me, so this is what I came up with! To start, I ordered a clear cover (both top and bottom) along with a black slip on case and gray keyboard slip from Amazon.  I wanted the outside cover to be clear so that I could just scrapbook everything onto a mint piece of construction paper and use the clear cover to hold it in place.  Nothing is actually glued onto my Mac, just being held with the case! To make the design I came up with, I just browsed through two or three magazines to cut out pictures of the images, quotes, or words I liked. Once I thought I had enough, I just placed and repositioned everything until I was happy with what it looked like! After this, I just glued everything onto the mint construction paper and let it dry.


I’ve been using this new cover for about three weeks now and every time someone sees it I get a compliment on it! I really do love how it turned out, and it was sooooooo easy to make! I’m really excited to take it back to school with me this fall because I always love looking at what other people on campus do with their Macs to personalize them and I finally have one of my own! I strongly suggest trying this because it was so easy and not expensive at all!


If you have any questions, just let me know and I’ll try to help as much as I can! I would love to see how your’s looks if you try it too, so show me please!

Thanks for reading!




Book Review: The Longest Ride, Nicholas Sparks


I typically don’t read very often, but I thought I should pick up a book to bring on vacation with me, so that’s what I did! Last week I read The Longest Ride by Nicholas Sparks. This is the first of his books that I’ve read and he has a different writing style than I’m used to. Instead of narrating the entire book from one character’s perspective, he alternates from three different people in two separate story lines that meet within the final chapters of the book.  I really enjoyed this because I felt as if I knew what each character was thinking and where each stood in the eyes of each other.  Although it was difficult to get through Ira’s story (he was an elderly man trapped in his car after running off the road) it was well worth it at the end.  The letters that Ira and his wife, Ruth, shared were absolutely beautiful and Sparks did a wonderful job crafting them. Sophia and Luke also had a beautiful love story that particularly interested me because of the college campus setting alongside the country lifestyle described on Luke’s ranch.  Even though I’m not going to give anything away, I’m going to say that this book really tugs at your heart and can leave you craving more. If you’re looking for a lazy day read, this book is a wonderful choice! Enjoy and let me know what you think about it!


The Update!

Ahhh it’s been awhile.  Lately I’ve been sort of debating how much of my personal life I want to share on my blog. I enjoy sharing stories about what happens everyday with the people I interact with, but I know that some of my friends who read my blog have really hurt me recently and I wasn’t sure I wanted to give them the ability to ruin something for me again with the details I share.  When someone gets involved in my relationships and ruin things for me once, I don’t really want them to know whats going on with me now too, you know? I still feel like I want to update the Rico story though, so I’ve decided that reading about my life on the internet shouldn’t count as me telling them as a friend, because I’ll never make the mistake of trusting them with something like this again.

But anyways, on to life right now. This is my current view.  Nice, right?



I’m on week one of my two week vacation right now and as crazy as it sounds, I miss work! Actually, I take that back, I miss the people at work. I love not having to do anything all day except applying sunscreen. I’m having a wonderful time with my crazy family even though one or two of them keep getting to me because of the fact that they’re completely obsessed with themselves. That’s okay though, it’s not really my problem! This week I’m in Myrtle Beach with my dad’s side of the family and next week I’m down to Gulf Shores with my mom’s family and a few friends! I’m so excited because I know I’ll have a little more freedom down there other than watching my 5 year old cousin jump waves and build sand castles. She’s absolutely precious, but after spending all morning with her she’s starting to get to me too 😉

One person who I actually could get some more of is Rico. And guess what! The girlfriend is GONE! Yayyyyyy! I have no idea what happened, but I noticed that he changed his profile picture and she uploaded the “I’m Single! Look How Pretty I Am Without You” Selfie, like all newly single girls do. I checked the relationship status and it’s true! They broke up! While I’ve been on vacation, I have been occasionally having some semi-long conversations via snapchat with him (and not the “hey, whats up? nothing. me too. bye.” kind, but real, genuine conversations like normal people). I’m even his best friend on snapchat, how ’bout that? 😉 I’m still not sure if it’s going to lead to anything, but I’m pretty sure we’re going to go to a Keith Urban concert next month because he’s never been to a concert before! What an honor for me!

Anyways, I’m going to get back to my book now because it’s actually pretty good. The Longest Ride, Nicholas Sparks. It has me written all over it so I’m sure I’ll write a review about it when I’m done!

Have a good week, lovelies! I’ll update you if anything else happens!


Meeting The Parents….Sort of….

Yay! Opening Day! The store finally opened and we all survived it! Setting up everything is officially over and we get to move on to retail and marketing, which can always be fun, right?? With the crazy people I work with I could tell thousands of stories from today, but what could be more fun than them all revolving around Rico? Because today was the first day the store was open, we basically had every staff member ,along with every manager from every store in our chain, on the clock….So basically a ton of people. With the amount of staff we had, our little trio could walk around and just talk and hang out….so we did! Rico and I got to spend a pretty decent chunk of time together too. We got to talk about how we each only wear the same brand of running shoes and how the camouflage lingerie we sell is absolutely hideous. We talked about our most embarrassing moments and how much cake I eat. We talked about him inviting me over to swim, how he thinks its crazy that people don’t like to talk to me, and about him getting poison ivy after hanging out with his friends this past weekend. Somewhere in the middle of each of our 9 hour shifts, both of his parents wondered into the store at different times . . . and he wanted me to meet both of them! When I met his dad I told him that he did a really good job raising Rico because he’s basically the only guy that I work with who will brave the gender difference line to come talk to us girls. After he left, Rico (can you believe it?) thanked me for making him sound like such a good guy! Isn’t that crazy? Or humble…? He said that I never needed to compliment him in front of his dad and that he appreciated me saying what I did. It’s funny how he doesn’t see what a good guy he is, I guess it’s just those always “treat a woman like a lady” expectations he was raised with. Which is always good. His mom was as sweet as could be, but we talked about the store and such, not her son haha! Anyways, as we were both clocking out, I mentioned the fact that I can never sleep in past 8am anymore and because I didn’t have to be back until one, I would probably go for a run tomorrow morning. He said that he really wanted to break-in his new running shoes he got this morning and I told him he could come and run with me if he wanted….

….but we were interrupted before he could give me an answer. So maybe next time….hmmm….


Rico The Runner

Today was the first of many Sundays I will now have to work because we officially open our store on Friday. Even though I was pretty upset about it, it’s finally almost time to open! Because the countdown has officially begun, it means that we’re actually pretty much done setting up the store  at this point….which means that we have a lot of time to just talk and bond with our coworkers. And that’s exactly what happened today with Rico (I blogged about him a few days ago) and I! The great trio at the store is the two of us and another girl who I probably would not survive without on most days, so we always just find ourselves together when we don’t have anything else to do.  When it’s the three of us we all talk and have a good time but when it’s Rico and I he talks even more and even sings. It’s kind of strange because I started to watch for it and noticed that he doesn’t ever sing around other people. Hmmm. But anyways, today I found out that he lives right down the street from me and he also told me that he had a pool we could come over and use anytime we wanted! How cool is that? We’re also beyond the small talk step of friendship because we actually talk about real life conversation stuff, like whether or not we each wore spikes to compete in in high school, or if we prefer running short distances or long distances better.  We talk about me getting hit by a bike and childhood stories, fears and embarrassing moments and how he may be the only person in the world who is more scared of watching scary movies than I am. Basically, I think we’ve got something great going here.  Yes, he still has the girlfriend, but you can’t really build a true relationship on something that didn’t start out as a friendship anyways, right? I’ll keep you updated!