Rico The Runner

Today was the first of many Sundays I will now have to work because we officially open our store on Friday. Even though I was pretty upset about it, it’s finally almost time to open! Because the countdown has officially begun, it means that we’re actually pretty much done setting up the store  at this point….which means that we have a lot of time to just talk and bond with our coworkers. And that’s exactly what happened today with Rico (I blogged about him a few days ago) and I! The great trio at the store is the two of us and another girl who I probably would not survive without on most days, so we always just find ourselves together when we don’t have anything else to do.  When it’s the three of us we all talk and have a good time but when it’s Rico and I he talks even more and even sings. It’s kind of strange because I started to watch for it and noticed that he doesn’t ever sing around other people. Hmmm. But anyways, today I found out that he lives right down the street from me and he also told me that he had a pool we could come over and use anytime we wanted! How cool is that? We’re also beyond the small talk step of friendship because we actually talk about real life conversation stuff, like whether or not we each wore spikes to compete in in high school, or if we prefer running short distances or long distances better.  We talk about me getting hit by a bike and childhood stories, fears and embarrassing moments and how he may be the only person in the world who is more scared of watching scary movies than I am. Basically, I think we’ve got something great going here.  Yes, he still has the girlfriend, but you can’t really build a true relationship on something that didn’t start out as a friendship anyways, right? I’ll keep you updated!



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