Meeting The Parents….Sort of….

Yay! Opening Day! The store finally opened and we all survived it! Setting up everything is officially over and we get to move on to retail and marketing, which can always be fun, right?? With the crazy people I work with I could tell thousands of stories from today, but what could be more fun than them all revolving around Rico? Because today was the first day the store was open, we basically had every staff member ,along with every manager from every store in our chain, on the clock….So basically a ton of people. With the amount of staff we had, our little trio could walk around and just talk and hang out….so we did! Rico and I got to spend a pretty decent chunk of time together too. We got to talk about how we each only wear the same brand of running shoes and how the camouflage lingerie we sell is absolutely hideous. We talked about our most embarrassing moments and how much cake I eat. We talked about him inviting me over to swim, how he thinks its crazy that people don’t like to talk to me, and about him getting poison ivy after hanging out with his friends this past weekend. Somewhere in the middle of each of our 9 hour shifts, both of his parents wondered into the store at different times . . . and he wanted me to meet both of them! When I met his dad I told him that he did a really good job raising Rico because he’s basically the only guy that I work with who will brave the gender difference line to come talk to us girls. After he left, Rico (can you believe it?) thanked me for making him sound like such a good guy! Isn’t that crazy? Or humble…? He said that I never needed to compliment him in front of his dad and that he appreciated me saying what I did. It’s funny how he doesn’t see what a good guy he is, I guess it’s just those always “treat a woman like a lady” expectations he was raised with. Which is always good. His mom was as sweet as could be, but we talked about the store and such, not her son haha! Anyways, as we were both clocking out, I mentioned the fact that I can never sleep in past 8am anymore and because I didn’t have to be back until one, I would probably go for a run tomorrow morning. He said that he really wanted to break-in his new running shoes he got this morning and I told him he could come and run with me if he wanted….

….but we were interrupted before he could give me an answer. So maybe next time….hmmm….



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