Today’s Question: Would I Ever Get A Tattoo?

Hey everyone! This is one question I seem to be getting asked a lot lately, so I thought I would make a blog post about it! Tattoos are beautiful. They’re works of art that require dedication and a steady hand, they can be breathtaking. I appreciate the time and effort that goes into them, but I don’t think I would ever get one anywhere on my own body…with one exception.
I grew up with divorced parents so I really don’t know what it’s like living in a household with parents who love each other unconditionally. Even though their divorce really benefited me in the long run, I never want to go into my own marriage thinking that divorce could be an option for me as well. When I get married, I want it to be forever. In our culture today, people look at the rings and vows as optional — like it’s not permanent and you can change your mind in a few years. I don’t want that. When I say “I do,” I want it to represent forever. To show this, I want my husband and I to get matching tattoos on our ring fingers. Not anything trashy that would take the place of our rings, but just a reminder that the vows are serious, to me they mean forever.
A lot of people I’ve shared this with think that I’m ridiculous. To me, marriage is a true commitment that you should have to work for even when the times get tough. Having a tattoo that I can’t just slide off my finger will remind me of that.


Pioneer 5k This Morning!

I go to school roughly two hours from my hometown. This is my second year being away from home, but right after I left three weeks ago, my brother and sister also moved out. So my parents (divorced) are both new empty nesters. To say the least my dad really misses me. He decided that he really wanted to see me so he drove the two hours early this morning to pick me up at 7am for a Labor Day road race near campus! Today was the first day that I’ve run a timed 5k (3.1 miles) since probably within this past year. I didn’t finish with my best time, it was actually more like my slowest time ever, but I did win a few prizes! Along with the registration fee that benefited Breast Cancer research, I got a free t-shirt and my name entered into a door prize drawing. Well, lucky me lucky me, my name was picked and I received a gift card for a free one hour facial at a salon down the street! Not only did I win that, but even with my slow time I won the first prize trophy for females aged 15-19! And you know what? It doesn’t even matter that I was the only one in my age group 😉

I’ve had a pretty good day! I hope you did too!


Something That I’m Awful With: Compliments.

That’s right. I can’t give them, I can’t receive them. Why? I mean I have my ideas as to why, but I just think it’s weird. It’s crazy how things you go through in your past really do effect the person you become. When most people are asked to name something they’re bad at they probably think like….dancing. Or hitting a volleyball over a net. I mean, I’m not very good at those things either, but I’m not absolutely awful at them at the same time. I am with compliments, though, I know that for sure.
I guess it all started growing up and being bullied because I was skinny. Whenever people “compliment” me on my body image now, I can’t handle it. It may be something sent with love, but it goes back to being judged on something I couldn’t change. When I got to high school I wasn’t really bullied anymore but got into a relationship with a guy who…let’s just say the nicest, sweetest guy ever. He showered me with compliments every opportunity he had and it completely overwhelmed me. There were so many that I didn’t know how to react appropriately. I eventually became angry and defensive every time he would open his mouth and it soon ended our relationship. That all happened about three years ago but it really impacted the simple act of a compliment. It’s hard for me not to argue when someone tells me they like my hair, or that I look pretty today. I can’t ever reach out and tell someone they look really good in the picture they just uploaded or tell them that I like their outfit. It’s hard, but I’m trying to work on it.
This past summer I went to a Theology of the Body Camp. It was at this camp that my opinions started to change. Instead of giving every woman they came across the up and down “elevator look,” the men at this retreat truly treated each one of us with respect. It felt incredible to dress modestly and know that I was being looked at with a pure heart. I made so much eye contact with every male I talked to-and that’s such a powerful thing. Looking at someone directly in the eye shows them that you care about them-their feelings, person, worries-not their body image. It was amazing. While I was there I received the best compliment I ever have. I was waiting in the lunch line and a deacon looked at me and he simply said “Elizabeth, you like nice today.” He used my name, he said this while looking into my eyes and smiling. So simple. So powerful. I knew that he meant it. God must have known how much the simplicity in his words meant to me because the guy in front of me turned around and said, “Yeah, I agree Elizabeth, you do look nice today.”
How powerful. It meant so much to me. I may not be the best at giving or receiving compliments, but it is something I know I can work on. I know that God is always working to help me become a better person, and he couldn’t do that without putting me through the events of my past to realize that I do need some help.
Have a great Thursday!

Sophomore Year Dorm Room….So Far!


Decorating is so hard when you’re so busy! Even though my wall isn’t finished and my bed isn’t made, this is my current dorm room so far! I’ve had so much fun putting everything on the walls and need to order more pictures soon. The quote I used says “Don’t dig up in doubt what you planted in faith” and it really speaks to me in my life right now. I used a little craft machine called a Cricut to cut the letters and I think it turned out great!
I would love to see your dorm room DIY’s too so please send me pictures!
Have a great night!


100 Things I’m Thankful For: August 2014

1. Waking up this morning
2. Being able to go to church
3. My health
4. My loving and supportive family
5. My Grandma who makes me lunch every day
6. Having good judgement
7. Being able to be a role model to my siblings
8.The lighting in the bathroom today
9. The soft things on my bed
10. Jesus dying for me
11. Air condition
12. The heater in my car
13. The shoes on my feet
14. Music that makes me happy
15. Being able to work with people that make me smile
16. Being able to smile in general
17. The sound of laughter
18. Newborn babies all over the world
19. My three puppies
20. My car
21. Knowing that I am a Child of God
22. Being able to farther my education in college
23. Going to a Catholic college
24. My professional camera
25. The invention of Skype
26. The beauty of the sun
27. Sweet Tea
28. When my mom worries about me, it shows she cares
29. My brother looking up to me
30. My sister becoming closer to me
31. Advice from friends
32. When my dad tells me he’s proud of me
33. My confidence
34. Knowing that I’m safe
35. Being able to read
36. My memory
37. That my boyfriend is also my best friend
38. Even though the two of us may have completely different beliefs, my boyfriend doesn’t tell me that mine are stupid or wrong
39. The infinite amount of questions that can be asked
40. The fact that some of those questions don’t only have one answer
41. My freedom
42. Blogging
43. My ability to run
44. The change in the weather
45. My awful dancing skills, it makes it more fun
46. My planner
47. The environment on my campus
48. My past
49. Getting hit by a bike
50. Being reached out to first
51. Being asked for advice
52. Good morning texts
53. People who view things that same way as I do
54. Deep hugs that make you feel so important
55. Cereal
56. When people know you better than you know yourself
57. Different facial expressions
58. Pregnant ladies
59. Cuddling
60. Giant fluffy blankets
61. Netflix
62. Anything that can be microwaved
63. Nail polish colors that make you smile when you look at them
64. Dreams
65. Praying the rosary in my car
66. Siri
67. Red lights
68. Kisses
69. Running barefoot through healthy green grass
70. My roommate, Katie
71. The smell after it rains
72. Country music in the summer
73. Country music in any season
74. Driving down backroads
75. When the corn changes color in the fall
76. The feeling of being underwater
77. Wearing a sweatshirt in chilly weather
78. Fallen leaves crunching beneath your feet
79. The feeling that there are an infinite number of things to be thankful for
80. Knowing that I don’t really deserve anything I have, but am still blessed with it
81. Deep conversation
82. Writing my name
83. Snickers Bites
84. The mystery of not knowing
85. Things that make me go “Awwww!”
86. Baptisms
87. Receiving the Eucharist
88. The feeling you get right after confession
89. The intense feeling you get when your favorite song comes on the radio
90. Knowing that God loves me MORE than that intense feeling
91. The phone calls from my momma telling me she wants me to come home
92. God moments
93. Baseball hats
94. My perfume
95. New Taylor Swift songs
96. Bonding experiences
97. My dorm room decorations
98. The little voice in my head
99. Dance parties for one
100. The fact that I don’t need anyone else to make me happy.



The dorm experience is never complete without a roommate…..or two roommates with my case. I originally chose to receive a random roommate so that I could meet new people and expand my friend group from the few people I knew from high school going to my same college. When I found out who my roommate was, the Facebook stalking began. We can call her Jess. On Facebook, Jess looked really cool: nice, friendly, social, she looked like someone who had a personality that I would click with. I thought we would be such a great match and best friends forever, because that’s what always happens with roommates, right?
I mean, she’s not an awful person, but we just didn’t work together and living with her drove me nuts. From throwing away full bowls of milk and never taking the trash out to listening to her headphones just a tad bit loud to never letting me know when she was, um, having an intimate moment with a new male friend, I couldn’t do it. Christmas time came and I packed up my stuff to move in with a friend from high school, Whitney, as soon as the spring semester started.
Whitney and I worked out soooo much better than Jess and I did. Even though we argued constantly and ended up wrestling on the floor for the last bowl of Easy Mac one night (blood was shed), we loved each other and in some crazy way it made us grow closer. Just from my personal experiences I would recommend rooming with someone that you know for your first semester on campus. It’s not permanent and it’s better to have a least a clue about what you’re getting yourself into.
Just remember that rooming with anyone is tough. Two people trying to deal with each other and trying to work together constantly through the stress and busyness of a semester can defiantly bring a not so nice side of anyone out. Patience and understanding is always being practiced but once you learn how to work, having a roommate can be one of the best parts about college. Late night bondings and having heart to hearts while eating every box of Girl Scout cookies you can afford is such a wonderful experience, and everyone should be able to grow that close to someone. Roommates for a semester, friendship for life.


College Move In Day!

Today is officially my last day of summer, and what a crazy one it has been! I haven’t been blogging very often lately, but once I get into more of an official schedule with my classes, I’m going to try to get back into the routine of it again! I know that a lot of people are also moving out of their childhood homes and into the new and exciting college dorm room experience, and I thought I’d write up a few tips.

When I moved back home at the end of last semester, I basically kept the things that I wouldn’t need for the summer packed up and only unpacked what I needed to. This helped dramatically. The majority of my packing is now done and the only thing I need to worry about before tomorrow is making sure that I have all of my clothes ready to go! My campus is roughly two hours from my house so it wouldn’t be a big deal if I forgot anything, but I always like to be prepared! One of the best tips I received last year was to pack seasonally. It’s still pretty hot and humid in August so theres no reason you should have your snow boots and winter coat with you on move in day (unless you won’t be home before Christmas). Dorm rooms are small, there isn’t a lot of extra space to store things that you aren’t using for months at a time.

Speaking of storing things, organization is key in a small dorm room. Throughout my college experience so far, I’ve changed roommates every semester (I’ll only be a sophomore this year, but that’s still a lot of moving!) This means that I lived in two separate rooms in two separate buildings . . . and even though I was on the same campus the rooms were dramatically different. My storage bins and containers were absolute life savers my first semester because I had a lofted bed.


However, during my second semester I had a bed with build-in under the bed storage drawers so I couldn’t use any of the things that I had. I would say that my one biggest tip would be to wait until you’re moved in to see what you need. This can be so stressful because you can think you don’t have everything on your move in day, but it’s so much better to have to go out and buy something with your parents before they leave instead of having tons of storage things they need to take back home with them.

Moving for me was kind of stressful because I plan and organize absolutely everything. One of my favorite things to organize in a dorm room are the decorations! Because I’m a photographer, I always have pictures everywhere. I’m also pretty crafty so my room was always strung together with the matching DIYs that I did last summer. Even though I absolutely loved how everything matched, my favorite part of either one of my rooms was always my quote and the christmas lights around it! Some of these pictures give you an idea of what my rooms looked like, and I loveddddd how I could make the room mine with the little things that I did.

Moving into a new place can be really stressful and a little scary. The day when you realize that you just grew up can be pretty emotional, but it’s all part of life. I want everyone to have the best move in experience that they can and truly make the first (or second, in my case) year of college something absolutely unforgettable. Throughout the next few months I’m going to start a college related page on here with tips, tricks, and stories so stay tuned for later, but if you have any advice or questions or ideas on what I should write about in the future, just let me know!


Have a great Tuesday!