College Move In Day!

Today is officially my last day of summer, and what a crazy one it has been! I haven’t been blogging very often lately, but once I get into more of an official schedule with my classes, I’m going to try to get back into the routine of it again! I know that a lot of people are also moving out of their childhood homes and into the new and exciting college dorm room experience, and I thought I’d write up a few tips.

When I moved back home at the end of last semester, I basically kept the things that I wouldn’t need for the summer packed up and only unpacked what I needed to. This helped dramatically. The majority of my packing is now done and the only thing I need to worry about before tomorrow is making sure that I have all of my clothes ready to go! My campus is roughly two hours from my house so it wouldn’t be a big deal if I forgot anything, but I always like to be prepared! One of the best tips I received last year was to pack seasonally. It’s still pretty hot and humid in August so theres no reason you should have your snow boots and winter coat with you on move in day (unless you won’t be home before Christmas). Dorm rooms are small, there isn’t a lot of extra space to store things that you aren’t using for months at a time.

Speaking of storing things, organization is key in a small dorm room. Throughout my college experience so far, I’ve changed roommates every semester (I’ll only be a sophomore this year, but that’s still a lot of moving!) This means that I lived in two separate rooms in two separate buildings . . . and even though I was on the same campus the rooms were dramatically different. My storage bins and containers were absolute life savers my first semester because I had a lofted bed.


However, during my second semester I had a bed with build-in under the bed storage drawers so I couldn’t use any of the things that I had. I would say that my one biggest tip would be to wait until you’re moved in to see what you need. This can be so stressful because you can think you don’t have everything on your move in day, but it’s so much better to have to go out and buy something with your parents before they leave instead of having tons of storage things they need to take back home with them.

Moving for me was kind of stressful because I plan and organize absolutely everything. One of my favorite things to organize in a dorm room are the decorations! Because I’m a photographer, I always have pictures everywhere. I’m also pretty crafty so my room was always strung together with the matching DIYs that I did last summer. Even though I absolutely loved how everything matched, my favorite part of either one of my rooms was always my quote and the christmas lights around it! Some of these pictures give you an idea of what my rooms looked like, and I loveddddd how I could make the room mine with the little things that I did.

Moving into a new place can be really stressful and a little scary. The day when you realize that you just grew up can be pretty emotional, but it’s all part of life. I want everyone to have the best move in experience that they can and truly make the first (or second, in my case) year of college something absolutely unforgettable. Throughout the next few months I’m going to start a college related page on here with tips, tricks, and stories so stay tuned for later, but if you have any advice or questions or ideas on what I should write about in the future, just let me know!


Have a great Tuesday!



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