The dorm experience is never complete without a roommate…..or two roommates with my case. I originally chose to receive a random roommate so that I could meet new people and expand my friend group from the few people I knew from high school going to my same college. When I found out who my roommate was, the Facebook stalking began. We can call her Jess. On Facebook, Jess looked really cool: nice, friendly, social, she looked like someone who had a personality that I would click with. I thought we would be such a great match and best friends forever, because that’s what always happens with roommates, right?
I mean, she’s not an awful person, but we just didn’t work together and living with her drove me nuts. From throwing away full bowls of milk and never taking the trash out to listening to her headphones just a tad bit loud to never letting me know when she was, um, having an intimate moment with a new male friend, I couldn’t do it. Christmas time came and I packed up my stuff to move in with a friend from high school, Whitney, as soon as the spring semester started.
Whitney and I worked out soooo much better than Jess and I did. Even though we argued constantly and ended up wrestling on the floor for the last bowl of Easy Mac one night (blood was shed), we loved each other and in some crazy way it made us grow closer. Just from my personal experiences I would recommend rooming with someone that you know for your first semester on campus. It’s not permanent and it’s better to have a least a clue about what you’re getting yourself into.
Just remember that rooming with anyone is tough. Two people trying to deal with each other and trying to work together constantly through the stress and busyness of a semester can defiantly bring a not so nice side of anyone out. Patience and understanding is always being practiced but once you learn how to work, having a roommate can be one of the best parts about college. Late night bondings and having heart to hearts while eating every box of Girl Scout cookies you can afford is such a wonderful experience, and everyone should be able to grow that close to someone. Roommates for a semester, friendship for life.



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