100 Things I’m Thankful For: August 2014

1. Waking up this morning
2. Being able to go to church
3. My health
4. My loving and supportive family
5. My Grandma who makes me lunch every day
6. Having good judgement
7. Being able to be a role model to my siblings
8.The lighting in the bathroom today
9. The soft things on my bed
10. Jesus dying for me
11. Air condition
12. The heater in my car
13. The shoes on my feet
14. Music that makes me happy
15. Being able to work with people that make me smile
16. Being able to smile in general
17. The sound of laughter
18. Newborn babies all over the world
19. My three puppies
20. My car
21. Knowing that I am a Child of God
22. Being able to farther my education in college
23. Going to a Catholic college
24. My professional camera
25. The invention of Skype
26. The beauty of the sun
27. Sweet Tea
28. When my mom worries about me, it shows she cares
29. My brother looking up to me
30. My sister becoming closer to me
31. Advice from friends
32. When my dad tells me he’s proud of me
33. My confidence
34. Knowing that I’m safe
35. Being able to read
36. My memory
37. That my boyfriend is also my best friend
38. Even though the two of us may have completely different beliefs, my boyfriend doesn’t tell me that mine are stupid or wrong
39. The infinite amount of questions that can be asked
40. The fact that some of those questions don’t only have one answer
41. My freedom
42. Blogging
43. My ability to run
44. The change in the weather
45. My awful dancing skills, it makes it more fun
46. My planner
47. The environment on my campus
48. My past
49. Getting hit by a bike
50. Being reached out to first
51. Being asked for advice
52. Good morning texts
53. People who view things that same way as I do
54. Deep hugs that make you feel so important
55. Cereal
56. When people know you better than you know yourself
57. Different facial expressions
58. Pregnant ladies
59. Cuddling
60. Giant fluffy blankets
61. Netflix
62. Anything that can be microwaved
63. Nail polish colors that make you smile when you look at them
64. Dreams
65. Praying the rosary in my car
66. Siri
67. Red lights
68. Kisses
69. Running barefoot through healthy green grass
70. My roommate, Katie
71. The smell after it rains
72. Country music in the summer
73. Country music in any season
74. Driving down backroads
75. When the corn changes color in the fall
76. The feeling of being underwater
77. Wearing a sweatshirt in chilly weather
78. Fallen leaves crunching beneath your feet
79. The feeling that there are an infinite number of things to be thankful for
80. Knowing that I don’t really deserve anything I have, but am still blessed with it
81. Deep conversation
82. Writing my name
83. Snickers Bites
84. The mystery of not knowing
85. Things that make me go “Awwww!”
86. Baptisms
87. Receiving the Eucharist
88. The feeling you get right after confession
89. The intense feeling you get when your favorite song comes on the radio
90. Knowing that God loves me MORE than that intense feeling
91. The phone calls from my momma telling me she wants me to come home
92. God moments
93. Baseball hats
94. My perfume
95. New Taylor Swift songs
96. Bonding experiences
97. My dorm room decorations
98. The little voice in my head
99. Dance parties for one
100. The fact that I don’t need anyone else to make me happy.



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