Sophomore Year Dorm Room….So Far!


Decorating is so hard when you’re so busy! Even though my wall isn’t finished and my bed isn’t made, this is my current dorm room so far! I’ve had so much fun putting everything on the walls and need to order more pictures soon. The quote I used says “Don’t dig up in doubt what you planted in faith” and it really speaks to me in my life right now. I used a little craft machine called a Cricut to cut the letters and I think it turned out great!
I would love to see your dorm room DIY’s too so please send me pictures!
Have a great night!



4 thoughts on “Sophomore Year Dorm Room….So Far!

  1. Your dorm room looks great! Decorating can be hard believe me I know! I have been in college for three years and figuring out my style and what photos to put on the wall….Struggle is real. I just posted on my blog showcasing all three of my dorm rooms. Hopefully they bring you as much inspiration as your post did for me.

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