DIY Dalmation Costume

It’s that time of year again! Sweaters, pumpkin carving, and Halloween parties! October is the perfect time for all of us poor college kids to shine because hello, DIY costumes! This year my boyfriend and I decided to go as a dalmation, my boyfriend was a firefighter, and my friends were all Beanie Babies!


Because it isn’t quite Halloween, most Halloween parties haven’t actually happened yet. I thought I’d write this post to inspire you guys to make some costumes, so here’s a little DIY tutorial!


Dalmation Costume:
A list of the materials I used….
1. black headband
2. hot glue gun/sticks
3. white ankle socks
4. black acrylic paint
5. black face paint
6. red ribbon
7. yellow construction paper
8. black sharpie
9. oversize white t-shirt
10. black leggings
11. Beanie Baby tag (see below)
For this costume, I basically just painted my shirt and socks (which eventually just turned into ears) and let them dry. Instead of painting exact circles, we found out that splattering the paint onto the shirt worked pretty well with finger painting. It’s pretty messy, but well worth it. Once that dried, I used a hot glue gun to glue the socks onto the headband. To make my collar, I cut enough ribbon to fit around my neck and used the circle shape the ribbon was wrapped around to cut an exact circle for of yellow construction paper for my name tag. Once I was satisfied with this I wrote my name on it and taped it together. The night of I added a little nose and spots for my face with face paint. Along with my Beanie Baby tag I was set! For shoes I just wore flip-flops and I got a ton of compliments on my outfit throughout the night!


Beanie Babies:
A list of the materials I used….
1. red and white felt
2. construction paper (I used white, everyone else used red, but color doesn’t matter)
3. hot glue gun/sticks
4. scissors
5. safety pins
The Beanie Baby tags were surprisingly easy! All I really did was trace out an outline of a heart and freestyle the t & y letters, cut them out, and glue them together. However, because the felt was really flimsy on it’s own, I decided that cutting out a piece of construction paper to glue onto the back of the heart would be a good idea, and it was! To put the tags onto our outfits, we just used two safety pins! {for every other animal, my friends just wore a black dress, ears, and a tail}

Alright, Rico had it pretty easy. He only needed jeans, a white t-shirt, red suspenders, and a firefighter hat. Lucky boy.


Hope these costumes inspire you to make your own! Let me know if you have any questions about any of these costumes! Good luck and have a safe and happy Halloween!


P.S. – Before I let you go, let me share a direct quote from Rico: “Well I wanted to be one of the Beanie Babies, but she wanted me to be a firefighter. So we compromised and I’m a firefighter.” Isn’t he smart? I sure am a lucky girl!


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