Why I Want To Get Back Into Running

A few weeks ago, I finally decided to cave in and download the Timehop app. It’s been great-so many good memories over the past four years that I now get to remember every morning! This particular morning I opened Timehop to see that three years ago from today (my junior year of high school, I was 15) I PR’ed (got a new personal record, for those of you who don’t run) at one of my favorite cross country meets. I was in the varsity heat and got tenth overall. My PR? 20 minutes 30 seconds, and a few weeks later I got it even lower. That was my time for a 5k. I guess I didn’t realize it then, but that’s really impressive! I never felt like I was a good enough runner because of the pressure placed on me, but I’ve got to give myself some props, I didn’t know my PR was that fast.
But flash forward three years later, today. Other than being proud of myself, I have some regret. I was only a few seconds away from breaking twenty that season, and I remember that being one of my first goals. I always said that I pushed myself as hard as I could, but looking back now I wish I had had just a little bit more in me. Reminiscing on all of this ended up motivating me to go on a run. And it made me feel awful. I was out for roughly 40 minutes and ran a little less than three and a half miles. I managed to kick a stick with one foot while stabling myself with it in my other ankle (all in the same move). Moments later I ended up rolling that same ankle, and, because I’m not in the mental zone that I was able to live in back then, I let myself stop and walk. Twice.
Yes, I got off my butt and away from Netflix to go on a run today, and that makes me more blessed and motivated than the majority of the people in America. But I really, really want to be back to where I was three years ago. It took so much to get to that point, but I really want to get back to it. I think I’m going to start trying to put in the hard work and dedication that will get me on the right track, because I know that I can do it.
So there’s that. Happy Motivational….Wednesday?


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