1989: Review



No words for this album. Taylor is queen and if the rest of the world hasn’t realized it yet, they will soon. Predicted to sell over a million copies in it’s first week (duh, whoever was trying to deny that doesn’t know what they’re talking about), this album is completely toping the charts. I’m not surprised by the stats, but I am at how different the album sounds. Because she switched to a completely pop genre, it’s all completely new chapter for her. But guess what! It. Sounds. Perfect. Instead of a wonderstruck fairytale dream that she’s described love as in the past, it turns into more of a sarcastic way of viewing relationships. It’ll end? Great! Everyone says it won’t work or that you’re wasting your time? Let them think that! It’s so great to have her say and express her feelings in a raw, honest way. And you know what? As personal as her stories are, they’re still 100% relatable. And if that doesn’t convince you to go out and download the album, maybe these pictures of my experience will. I went to Target bright and early Monday morning to get the deluxe edition, and I’ll just say it was an emotional trip. From the bonus tracks to the polaroids, I absolutely fell in love with this album from the very beginning.

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