Surprising Grad School Update?

So. Two days ago, my transcripts were finally verified through my PTCAS application. October 25th is 24 days late for the majority of schools I applied for, so I wasn’t expecting much. I came to terms with missing the deadline for all of my Ohio schools, but maybe I wasn’t being patient enough. Since my application went through, I’ve heard back that Regis University (Colorado) is reviewing it (which I met the November 1 deadline so that’s good!) but I wasn’t expecting anything from anywhere else. BUT to my surprise, I’VE GOTTEN EMAILS FROM BOTH OSU AND OU, TWO OF MY TOP SCHOOLS. They’ve both just requested for me to fill out an additional supplemental application, but I didn’t think I would hear anything at all! I was 100% under the impression that I had missed the deadline and wasn’t even being considered anymore. I almost cried getting the emails, because my hope has been restored. Hopefully this will bring positive news. I don’t really have much of an update, but pray for me!


Oh! I’ve also been picking up extra days at work to get extra $$$ for Ireland so yay for me! Hopefully I hear back soon about the credit card I applied for so I can put the majority of the payments for this trip on it. That way, I can get great cash back and bonus $$ for signing up! Woo!


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