Halloween Weekend.

Ah yes. The Saturday before Halloween is always one of my least favorites. I never got into parties when I was living on campus and now that I’m only in school online, I feel like it’s even worse. My best friend and I aren’t talking, and my boyfriend is going out without me (long distance problems). I’ve worked every day since this past Wednesday and don’t have an off day until Tuesday. AKA, my plans for tonight involve sitting at home with my mom watching Grey’s Anatomy and trying to dig myself out of a giant homework pile. I really don’t mind it, but it kind of makes me feel like I’m missing out on something I should be experiencing at this age. I’m 21. I should be dressing up and going out with a group of friends. But here I am, 5:30pm already in my PJs. Sometimes I feel sad and sometimes I feel like I’m missing out, but in reality I have my warm bed and endless Netflix episodes. My mom is making me dinner, and I don’t really need to be doing anything else tonight. I just wish I had more consistent friends.

But oh well. Here’s to hoping for next year.



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