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October Means Music

Everyone has their own reasons for looking forward to October rolling around every year. The leaves change, the weather cools, birthdays happen, etc. For me, every other October is basically the best and most emotional month that could ever happen. Why? Two words: Taylor Swift.
Every two years Taylor Swift releases a new album, and because she’s awesome that usually comes with a few single releases leading up to the emotional bomb (yes, so emotional that I do oftentimes cry about it). As basically everyone knows, her first single from this 1989 album was Shake It Off, which as been at the top of the charts until last night around midnight. Taylor’s new release Out Of The Woods was leaked at 11pm instead of midnight, and within the first hour of it being on sale, it was at the top of the charts and iTunes said that it was “sold out.”
So what does that tell you about the song? That it’s FANTASTIC! I sit here and cry my eyes out listening to it. I fell asleep listening to it last night and it’s still on loop this morning. I’d say that if you know what’s good for you, get on iTunes and listen, because it really just sounds like love and happiness and emotional everything.
One plus of the Out Of The Woods adventure last night was being able to be apart of the swifties community. We BLEW UP twitter and I realized that yeah, it’s 100% okay that I cry when it comes to anything Taylor Swift because you know what? All these people get me, and it’s a great group of people, and I love that I’m apart of their community.
I know that some of us aren’t buying the album or any of the singles until you can get the deluxe edition from Target the day it goes on sale (meeee!) so I’m going to post a link where you can listen to Out Of The Woods with surprisingly great quality.



Do You Know How Much You Are Loved?

Yesterday I realized that I probably tell my roommate I love her more times a day than I tell my own mother. Love is a word that’s just thrown around now, but at the same time, it’s just so powerful. Sure, I love Katie and would do anything for her. And yes, I’m going to tell her that even if I’m leaving the room for .4 seconds to go and pee and come back. My point is, we typically let the people who mean the most to us know that they do.
But I have a question: Most people don’t “see” God everyday and don’t always feel like He is there with them in their struggles, so how should we always know that He is? God’s love for us is hard to understand. We’re all taught that He loved us so much that He sent His only son to die for us. Yes, I can spit that back out at you any time of any day, but how well does that transfer over to life outside of mass? Can you just walk outside and smile because you just know God loves you so so so much? Or when the sun hits your face do you take a second to thank God for His love? On sunny days I try to, but over the past few days it’s been raining and storming. How do I know God is there for me during those storms?
Once upon a time someone told me something that really made me realize His love for me . . . do you know the feeling you get when your favorite song comes on the radio? That new one that’s hardly ever played? The dance party you throw for yourself in your car because of it? The happiness it gives you? Yeah, God’s love for you is greater than that. Take that in . . . isn’t it crazy?
Last night I was in tears watching videos of Taylor Swift’s fans meeting her in the 1989 Secret Sessions she’s been hosting. Each fan was hand picked and invited to her house for cookies and a preview the new album. As they entered her house one by one, she knew each one by name even though she’s never actually met any of them. I cried and cried watching these fans because I was just. that. happy. And you want to know what’s insane? What made me cry even more? Knowing that the love I felt for each of those people, a love so strong it came in tears of happiness, the complete love I felt for each of those strangers, was nothing compared to God’s love for me. That’s so crazy. No matter what, God loves you that much. You can turn your back and deny Him, but He’s always waiting to bring you back home, because that’s what love is, forever.