Closure Dates.

Ahhh summer.  So far for me it’s consisted of work, work, and more work.  When I’m not at my actual job, I’m helping my parents shuffle my siblings around and plan for their graduation party.  However, I occasionally get some free time! When I decide that I would rather not sleep or watch Netflix I get to see some of the wonderful people I almost forgot existed! High school friends. What’s great about old friends from high school is that they live fairly close to you. My closest friend from high school lives about 25 minutes away, but when I compare that to my farthest friend from college who lives about 20+ hours away, that’s not too bad at all! Most of my friends are still finishing up classes at the college of their choosing, but a few of us are back and it’s been great to see them. Even though all of them are great, hanging out with one friend in particular today really helped me heal.  As I mentioned before, I recently went through a breakup. I won’t lie, breakups are always tough….but they’re even tougher when the person who breaks up with you can’t find the time to tell you why (even though he finds plenty of time to spread rumors to everyone but you telling why…)  Coming out of a relationship the way I did really hurt me, I never got answers to my questions and it really bothered me knowing that I had no idea what happened.  This guy told me he didn’t want to talk to me about it and it was none of my business.  I accepted that and moved on, but you always wonder you know? Thats why today was so good for me. I had a Closure Date (no, not a “date” but meeting up for lunch kind of thing).  “With the ex??” Everyone asks concerned before I tell them that it was a Closure Date…with his best friend. The three of us used to be really close, so it wasn’t awkward or anything along the lines of going behind anyone’s back, but it really helped me.  Getting a different perspective and finding answers that matched my questions really sealed the past for me.  Closure dates may not be for everyone, but they can really help start some serious healing, and thats exactly what I needed.  I feel like I can finally move on from the past few months and start making myself into the person I really want to be.  I found my list of qualities I want the man I marry to have last night while cleaning and I was speechless.  Looking over the list I made so long ago brought tears to my eyes.  The man I described sounds amazing and I just can’t wait to meet him. Before I do that though, I really have to think about the qualities that a perfect husband would want in a perfect wife. Now that I’m not wasting time on boys of the past, I can truly start to work keeping it classy to become the Princess my Prince Charming is looking for ❤

Have a good week everyone!



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